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Making a Grid Column Editable

This feature is available in all editions.



Follow these steps to make columns editable within the grid.


  • The changes you make only apply to your view, no other users are impacted.

  • Only System Administrators can change the grid defaults for all users by applying their changes to Grid Defaults.


  1. In any grid, click on the wrench icon, and then select Customize.


  2. From the Customize Columns window, in the Edit column, select the check box next to each column you want to make editable. Note that only the columns that can be edited have an active check box under the Edit heading.

  • The page loads faster when data is display-only (not editable). Use caution when enabling editable columns, as your page load rate may be impacted.

  • Some columns in tree views may contain cells that are editable at one level, but not at another.