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Exporting/Downloading Projects to Microsoft Project

This feature is available in all editions.



Following these instructions, you can export project/scope data to a file that is compatible with Microsoft Project. This allows you to transfer data between applications.


  1. From the sidebar (left-pane menu options), click Admin Admin.png > Projects, and then click on the + icon and expand the Project Tree.

  2. Click Add Child Project, and then click Export to MPX.

  3. Follow the prompts to save the file to you computer, and then import it into Microsoft Project.

The hierarchy you see is created by the following based on the project selection exported from Agility: Project Tree, sprint/iterations, stories, backlog items, and tasks.

Field Mapping in Project

The export file maps to the standard Microsoft Project fields. These items, however, map to custom fields in Microsoft Project:

  • Custom Number field 1: Initial Estimate

  • Custom Number field 2: Backlog Item Estimate

  • Custom Number field 3: Task Estimate

  • Custom Number field 4: Backlog Item ID

  • Custom Number field 5: Task ID

  • Custom Number field 6: Done

  • Custom Number field 7: To Do

  • Custom Text field 1: Item Number

  • Custom Text field 2: Priority

  • Custom Text field 3: Risk

  • Custom Text field 4: Backlog Group

  • Custom Text field 5: Team