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Exporting Closed Work Items

This feature is available in all editions.



In Agility grids, closed work items display as strikethrough text and open items display as plain text. When you export items to Excel, the strikethrough formatting is lost and both open and closed items display as plain text. This makes it difficult to tell which ones are closed and which ones are open.

As a workaround, you can use one of these options below to get the list of closed items only.

Option 1: Copy and Paste Closed Items into Excel

  1. On any page, from the sidebar (left-pane menu options), click on Search, and then click Advanced search.

  2. In the Advanced Search page, select the Deleted check box and then click Search.

  3. Select and copy the items in the grid.

  4. Open a new worksheet in Excel, and then choose Paste Special. If prompted, choose HTML format.

  5. Save the Excel file to your computer.

Option 2: Use the Agility API

You can also retrieve closed items by querying the data using the Agility API. This is the best way to retrieve a large number of closed items. To learn more, see Getting Started with the API.