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Enabling Team Process Management


Team Process Management is an extended feature teams can use to define their own process by defining status values that displays on Storyboards, Backlog Item editing, grid status filters, and status based reports. Since it is an extended feature, it must first be enabled in your instance following the steps below.

  • The Team Process Management feature is disabled by default when upgrading an instance from a release prior to the Spring 2017 release.
  • The Team Process Management feature is enabled by default on any new instance.

Any member with Admin Privileges to edit teams can enable the Team Process. Refer to the Admin Privileges articles for more details. 

Step 1. Enable Team Process Management

  1. From the sidebar (left-pane menu options, click Admin Admin.pngConfiguration > System.
  2. Select the Team Process Management check box, and then click Save.


Step 2. Initialize the Team Process

Once enabled, you need to initialize the Team Process. Refer to Initializing a Team for details.

The Team Process Management feature was introduced in the Spring 2017 Release (12.2). This feature is not available in prior versions.