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Initializing a Team from Existing Backlog Items


When a Team owns active Backlog Items in existing Status values, you cannot define a new process unless you first initialize the team process. This prevents existing backlog items from disappearing from grids, Storyboards and reports.

What Happens When You Initialize a Team Process?

When you initialize a team's process, copies of the existing status values are created.  Any active backlog items using the old status values are re-assigned to the new status values.  This action effectively redefines the team's process and, as a result, existing Cycle Time and Cumulative Flow reports are temporary impacted.

If you have an existing Project Workspace dedicated to one Team, Agility can convert those values without impacting Cycle Time or Cumulative Flow.  Contact Support for details.

Any member with Admin Privileges to edit teams can enable the Team Process.  Refer to the Admin Privileges articles for more details. 


The effects of the initialization process cannot be reversed. 

  1. From the Admin menu, select Teams.
  2. Select a team, and then click on the Process tab.
  3. Click the Initialize button.

    A Team with active Backlog Items with a Status value must Initialize
  4. Click the Commit Changes button to begin the initialization process.

  5. After the initialization process is complete, you can configure the team's process. To learn how, see Adding a New Status Value to a Team's Process.

    Once Initialized, the Team can fully manage their process

The Team Process Management feature was introduced in the Spring 2017 Release (17.1). This feature is not available in prior versions.