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Removing a Status Value


When removing a status value from a team process, you must first move all active backlog items using that value to another status value or to the blank status value. This prevents backlog items from disappearing from the board when status values are removed.


Any member with Admin Privileges to edit teams can enable the Team Process. Refer to the Admin Privileges articles for more details. 

  1. Click Admin Admin.png > Teams to open the Team Details page.
  2. Select a team, and then click on the Process tab.
  3. Click the Pencil icon for the status value.

  4. Click the Delete Status button.

  5. Choose a new status value for Active Backlog Items.

  6. Click the Move and Delete button.

If there are no Active Backlog Items using the selected Status value, you are not prompted to move Backlog Items

The Team Process Management feature was introduced in the Spring 2017 Release (17.1). This feature is not available in prior versions.