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How to order/rank Tasks or Tests

Q: How do I assign a set order to tasks/tests within a backlog template? I need to set the task order to match our logical development workflow.


A: Within the backlog item, you will have a grid for all of the tasks and all the tests that are part of that backlog item. You can manage the ranking on those grids just like in the backlog grid.

  1. Use the Wrench icon to Customize the grid   Customize
  2. Add the Order column, and check the checkbox under Edit to make it editable.    order
  3. Now you can either use the rank numbers or the ranking arrows to move the Task or Tests around to rank them in the order you need.columns
  4. When finished, hit Save.  save (if you use the Arrows, you do not need to Save)
  5. If you need to change the Order column back to static mode, where you are no longer editing it, then double-click on the column header.


An important note on sorting: if you click on any other column to sort by that column, the Order numbers will disappear. The base sorting is still there, but you cannot see the Order values if you are sorting by another column. To get back to the original sort based on the Order column, click the wrench icon and select Reset Sort.