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How to start the SSO (Single Sign-On) Process for Hosted Customers (SaaS)

For customers that host their instance on Agility servers, there is an option for Single Sign On. In order to start the process to configure SSO on your instance, please contact Agility Support and you will receive detailed instructions to start the process. 

In order to get started, we will need to schedule a quick introductory call between our production support team and a networking/security individual that is responsible for your SSO Identity Provider (IdP) configuration. Agility's Service Provider (SP) uses PingIdentity's PingFederate server, and we currently support the following SAML 2.0 profiles: IdP-Initiated POST and SP-initiated POST/POST & Redirect/POST.

To add the Agility Service Provider (SP) to your Identity Provider (IdP), we’ll provide our SAML 2.0 metadata file for import, as well as guidance on relaystate. The metadata file contains URL endpoints and all necessary public keys.

To configure the Agility Service Provider (SP) for your instance of V1, we’ll need your Identity Provider (IdP) SAML 2.0 metadata file, including any public keys used for signing or encryption (either in the metadata or separately). We will also need to understand the attribute contract used to map an attribute to the V1 username (e.g. SAML_SUBJECT), and how signing and encryption need to be configured.

In addition to SAML configuration on both sides, the application’s usernames need to be updated to match those passed in the attribute contract, and all integrations need to be updated to use SAML SSO authentication to access the API.


All of this info will be discussed in the initial setup call. Please contact to begin the process.