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Adding and Removing PlanningRoom Members

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Your PlanningRoom is not complete without members. The Assigned Members list shows members already in your PlanningRoom and the Unassigned Members list shows members who have access to the project, but who have not been added to this PlanningRoom.

How To


  1. Choose one of the the following:
    • Select Portfolio > PlanningRooms, and then click on the name of a room.

    • Select PlanningRooms to view all of your rooms.

  2. Select a room, and then ​click on the Settings icon (or gear) next to the room name.

  3. On PlanningRoom Properties page, click Membership:

    • To add a member, scroll to the Unassigned Members grid, and then click Add next to each member you want to add.

    • To remove a member, in the Assigned Members grid, click Remove next to each member you want to remove.


If you don't see a member's name in the Unassigned Members grid, they are probably not assigned to the project. To assign them to a project, click the Assign Members to Project button at the bottom of the page, and then add them to the PlanningRoom following the instructions above.