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Creating a PlanningRoom

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Follow these steps to create a PlanningRoom so your planning teams can collaborate on plans, coordinate efforts, and track progress. To learn more, see PlanningRoom.

To create a PlanningRoom, your project role must be set to "Project Admin" or higher. 


  1. On the side bar, click the Rooms Rooms_icon.png icon followed by PlanningRooms.

  2. Click the Add PlanningRoom button.

  3. In the Add PlanningRoom window:

    • Enter the name of the room in the Title field.

    • Select a project. This determines which items display in the room. Note that your project role must be set to Project Admin or higher.

    • (Optional) Select a Schedule to narrow the focus of your PlanningRoom.

    • (Optional) Select a Program to further narrow the focus of your PlanningRoom.

    • (Optional) Enter a Description that summarizes the intent of the room.

  4. Click Save.

Configuring the PlanningRoom

After you've created the PlanningRoom, you can further configure and customize it by adding a mascot, adding members, and installing panels. To learn more, see PlanningRoom Settings.