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Managing Budgets

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Establish budgets by strategic theme or project/program within a portfolio; allocate points, dollars, or percentages to the respective items within the portfolio; set up as many budget models as necessary.

Budgets can be allocated across either Strategic Themes or the Project Tree. Budgets segmented by Strategic Theme allow you to align your spending guidelines to your strategic priorities. Budgets segmented down the Project Tree allow for high-level portfolio budgets to be divided across multiple programs within the portfolio. At a more detailed level, project budgets can also support the classic method of project-based budgeting. In all cases, you first define a budget for a selected level in your project tree, and then specify the amount to allocate to each child segment below.

Accessing Budgets

To access the Budgets page, click Portfolio > Planning > Budgets from the main menu.