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Allocating a Budget to Project Segments

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Use the Budgets feature to define budget limits using which your Development organization can better understand and track development efforts against these targets.


Follow these steps to allocate budget to your project segments:

  1. Click Portfolio > Planning > Budgets.

  2. Click View  to view the required budget.

  3. For each budget segment row, enter the amount in the Budget Amount field, and then click Save.

  4. The "None" Budget Segment

It is possible that you may see a segment name, None in your Budget. Items will show up in the None row if:

- they do not have a parent Portfolio Item and its Strategic Theme assigned
- they do have a parent Portfolio Item assigned, but the Portfolio Item itself, or the Strategic Theme assigned to that Portfolio Item is out of scope for the Budget

The most likely scenarios of the second option are:
- the Backlog Item had been assigned to a Portfolio Item in different Planning Level. It was then moved to the Budget's Planning Level. This leaves the parent Portfolio Item assigned (and its Strategic Theme) but they are not necessarily accessible to the Budget 
- The Portfolio Item was moved in from another Planning Level.  Its assigned Strategic Theme may not be visible to the Budget if it moved in from a sibling or child Planning Level.