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This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



For product owners and program managers who need to create, view, and present dates of interest, Milestones provide a flexible way to show important milestones to both external and internal audiences.

You can use Milestones to:

  • keep the team informed of an important date during your PI if your organization is utilizing SAFe.

  • provide a reminder of important events coming up such as trade shows.

  • provide a reminder of important date coming up such as hardware and software teams coming together.

Adding Milestones In The Roadmap

Board View

  1. Press the '+' in the Milestone box under the desired date range.
  2. Enter the Title

Timeline View

  1. Double click on the desired date at the top of the timeline view. 
  2. Enter the Title

Regardless of Roadmap view, to Save the new Milestone, press Enter or Tab or Click on another area in the UI

To cancel the creation of a new Milestone, press the Esc key.

Adding Milestones from the Sidebar

  1. Click the '+' sidebar panel and choose Milestone
  2. Enter the appropriate information
  3. Click one of the available Save Options

Locations for Viewing Milestones

  • Roadmap Board View
  • Roadmap Timeline View
  • Program Board


Milestone Roadmap.png