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Creating a New Portfolio Item

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



This topic explains how to create a new portfolio item.

Option 1. Add a Portfolio Item in the Portfolio Tree

Option 2. Add a Portfolio Item from the Sidebar

  1. Click on the plus icon in the sidebar.
  2. Select the type of asset you want to add.

  3. Enter the asset details, and then click Save.

The Asset Tray was replaced by a static Sidebar in the Summer 2017 (17.2) release. Prior releases still display the Asset Tray.

Option 3. Add a Portfolio Item on the Program Board

  1. Click Release > Program Board.

  2. Click Add Portfolio Item on the top-right corner.

  3. Enter necessary information and click Save.

See Using the Program Board to learn more.

SAFe® and Scaled Agile Framework® are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc. 

Option 4. Add a Portfolio Item on the Value Stream Board

  1. Click Portfolio > Tracking > Value Stream Board.

  2. Click Add Portfolio Item.

  3. Provide the following required information in the Portfolio Item dialog box, such as Title for your Portfolio Item, an appropriate Project, required Strategic ThemeType of your Portfolio Item (Epic, Capability, Feature), a description for your Portfolio Item, and so on.

  4. Click Save.

See Using the Value Stream Board to learn more.

Option 5. Add a Portfolio Item on a Roadmap

  1. From the main menu, click Portfolio > Roadmaps.

  2. If not already selected, choose a project from the Project Navigator.

  3. Click Layout LayoutTimeline.png (Timeline) or LayoutBoard.png (Board). 

  4. Click the clipboard_ef7508072291b8548111d5998975388d6.png icon at the top-right corner of a cell, enter a title, and press Enter.
    Note: When you use the "Project - Level" or "Strategic Themes - Level" group by options, this button is not displayed.

    • This saves the portfolio item to the view. 

    • When using a Group By to create rows, the grouping designation is automatically saved for the new item.

  5. Click on the newly created item to view details and modify as needed, OR use the Portfolio Tree page to edit multiple items at once after they are created.

Option 6. Import a Portfolio Item from Excel

If you would like to import your portfolio items in bulk, you can do so from an Excel spreadsheet. See How to Import Data from Excel for details.