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Tracking Portfolio Item Progress

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Depending on your needs, there are ways to access and track portfolio items. This article topic where to locate the data that best matches your needs.

Access and Tracking Options

If you want to... Use the... Details

Create, manage, and view the functional makeup of a portfolio item and its children

Portfolio Tree

For each portfolio item, you can see key values and progress statistics that help identify any issues with delays or anomalies across functional lines.

  • To access the Portfolio Tree, select Product Planning > Portfolio Tree.

To learn more, see Using the Portfolio Tree.

View and manage all of the work items grouped under a portfolio item.


You can see all of the stories/backlog items, defects, and test sets that define work to be completed and scheduled to be completed within a sprint/iteration.

  • To access the backlog, select Product Planning > Backlog.

To learn more, see Managing Your Backlog.

Track the flow of portfolio items as they proceed through the approval and development process.


Portfolio Kanban

(Ultimate Edition only)

The Portfolio Kanban is an at-a-glance dashboard of portfolio items grouped under a specific project. Here, you can visualize, plan, and track the progress of your strategic project development initiatives.

  • To access the Portfolio Kanban, select Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban.

To learn more, see Portfolio Kanban.

See when portfolio items are planned for delivery or get a historical view of what has actually been worked on and completed.

Roadmap Timeline

(Ultimate Edition only)

  • To access the Roadmap Timeline, click Product Planning > Roadmaps. Click on the Timeline layout icon. 

Create a focused view that allows for better collaboration within the development groups.


(Ultimate Edition only)

Portfolio Items form the backbone of planning and tracking activities in the PlanningRoom.

  • To access a planning room, go to the Utility Bar > Rooms > PlanningRoom.

To learn more, see Using PlanningRooms.