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Viewing Portfolio Item Dashboards

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Accessing Portfolio Items Dashboard

  1. Choose one of the following:

    • Select Portfolio > Planning > Portfolio Tree.

    • Select Portfolio > Tracking > Portfolio Kanban.

  2. Click on a portfolio item, and then click on the Dashboard tab.


The Portfolio Item Dashboard displays a detailed view of a portfolio item's status, history, and lower-level details, giving you an at-a-glance picture of all the components that are at work for the portfolio item. The Portfolio Item Dashboard consists of the following details:

  • Portfolio Item Path
    For any child level portfolio item, the portfolio item path displays the lineage of the portfolio item for context and, if applicable, navigation to a parent portfolio item's details.

  • Backlog Progress
    The Estimate Trend graph rolls up all the backlog item estimates under the portfolio item to show a history of the growth of the portfolio item (as backlog items are defined and estimated) and the progress made in completing those backlog items.

  • Sub-Portfolio Items
    Displays Portfolio Tree details for each sub-portfolio item in the project, and includes granular information such as title, associated project, status, Swag, and progress.

    • Delivery Projects
      Displays Project Tree details for each project connected with the portfolio item, and includes granular information such as Title, Progress, Swag Progress, and Estimate points - Rollup, Backlogging Issues - Rollup, and Unestimated Backlog Items.