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Moving and Ranking Portfolio Items in the Portfolio Tree Using Drag and Drop

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



To change the rank order of the portfolio items in the Portfolio Tree hierarchy, simply drag and drop each onto a new parent portfolio item or in between any peer portfolio items. Note that ranking items in the list can only be done when the list is sorted by its default order.

If you want to...


To Reassign an item...

Drag a portfolio item or backlog item onto another row to reassign the item to another parent portfolio item.

To Rank an item...

Drag a portfolio item or or backlog item above or below other rows to change the ranking.

To move AND rank...

Drag a portfolio item or backlog item between rows under a different parent portfolio item.

To Unassign a portfolio item parent...

Drag the child portfolio item above or below a root level portfolio item in the view.

You can apply some actions to multiple portfolio items (rows on the grid) simultaneously. Select the checkboxes to indicate the rows for inclusion and then choose an action from the Move to Project drop-down list to apply the action to all selected rows on the page. Available actions for portfolio items from this page are:

  • Move selected portfolio items to a new project

  • Move selected portfolio items under a new parent portfolio item. Child items remain with their parent.

  • Reopen closed portfolio items