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What kinds of items can I add to the Portfolio Tree?

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



In addition to portfolio items, you can also add and manage the following types of items in the Portfolio Tree:

  • Child Portfolio Items
    Nest portfolio items to create a multi-level portfolio tree that contains finer levels of detail.

  • Backlog Items/Stories
    Create leaf-level hierarchies of work initiatives for delivering new functionality.

  • Defects
    Use portfolio items to group related defects with new functionality to be delivered, or to organize and group a set of defects to be addressed together.

  • Test Sets
    Group related test sets under a portfolio item to target specific regression testing activity that should be done as new functionality is being delivered.

  • Strategic Themes (Ultimate Edition Only)
    Allows you to group portfolio items that support your organizations strategic initiatives.

See Designing Your Project Hierarchy for details.