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Applying Filters to a Roadmap


This topic explains how to use filters to expand or narrow the data on a Roadmap so you can see specific portfolio item data.


  1. Click Portfolio > Planning > Roadmaps.

  2. If not already selected, choose a project from the Project Navigator.

  3. Click Layout LayoutTimeline.png (Timeline) or LayoutBoard.png (Board).

  4. Click or start typing in the filter field, and then select the any of the filter options.

  5. Repeat the previous step to select more than one filter.

  6. Click Apply when done. 





Portfolio Item

Type a portfolio item ID or title.

All child portfolio items display.

Portfolio Item Root    
Rollup Category Select an appropriate category that the portfolio items roll up to: Not Started, In Progress, or Completed, and then click Apply. All portfolio items that are in the selected category 


Choose Status and select an available portfolio item status from the pick list.

Shows items in selected status. For example, you could look at only portfolio items having a 'Ready to Deploy' or 'Testing' status.

Strategic Theme

Select/search for a strategic theme.

Narrows the view to focus on the items that support a specific strategic theme.

Tags Specify any tags associated with the portfolio item. Displays the corresponding tagged portfolio items
Target Team    
Teams Specify the team associated with your project. Lists all portfolio items associated with the selected teams.


Choose a portfolio item type from the list. Key values are:

  • Initiative

  • Feature

  • Sub-Feature

  • Non-Functional

The highest-level matching portfolio items types display. For example, in a multi-level portfolio tree, you could view all top-level initiatives or focus your view to show child portfolio items that are features scheduled in releases.


Choose Owner and select an owner from the pick list. Click Apply Filters.

Shows parent and child portfolio items owned by the selected owner.

My Filters

If you have created a custom filter, select one from this list.

Shows results based on the criteria established in a custom filter.


Enter at least 3 characters of the item name or ID

Shows items matching the search terms you entered.

More Filters

Click the More Filters button, and then select the filters you want to apply.

Shows the additional filters that are available for this report.

Include Closed Items Select the Include Closed Items check box. Displays work items that are in Closed status.

Clearing Filters

To clear a single filter:

  • Click on the - symbol next the the name of the filter.

To remove all filters that have been applied and restore the default settings:

  • Click Clear All Filters in the top right corner of the page


The Summer 2017 Release (17.2) introduced a new navigation menu structure. Refer to the Release Notes to learn more about all the changes.