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Portfolio Kanban Board

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Use the Portfolio Kanban board to visualize, plan, and track the progress of your strategic development initiatives.

Do you find you need to view different boards often? Consider creating a PlanningRoom™​.

The Portfolio Kanban board provides an at-a-glance grid view of the portfolio items in a project. Here, you can visualize, plan, and track the progress of your strategic project development initiatives .  This visualization shows the highest level of detail available for any given project view, and provides editable access to details behind each portfolio item. This does, however, mean that the initial unfiltered Kanban Board is only going to show the parent level Portfolio Items. To see child level portfolio items you will need to filter by the parent Portfolio Item. Note that you can add multiple Portfolio Items in that filter.

Recommended for...

  • Executives who want to track the highest level business initiatives across the entire company

  • Program and sub-system leaders who want to track the features that fall within their domain

  • Development teams who need to track their production while understanding the broader context of how their work fits into the big picture.

Accessing the Portfolio Kanban

From the main menu, go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban.

Using the Portfolio Kanban Board

The Portfolio Kanban board is populated with groups of portfolio item cards. By default, each card shows the ID, title, owner (if applicable), and the Swag (high level size estimate), but you can change it with some simple customizations.

  • Portfolio item types are color coded so you can easily differentiate the item types.
  • Blocked portfolio items are highlighted with a red blocking icon. Click the icon to see the issues causing the delay.

  • You can hover over any of the fields on the card to view data details.

  • You can drag and drop a portfolio item card to another place in the same column (to prioritize the ranking) or move it to another column (to update the status).

  • Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of a card for access to common the actions:

    • editing portfolio item details

    • viewing Portfolio Item Dashboards

    • blocking portfolio items

    • closing portfolio items

    • watching portfolio items

Customizing the Portfolio Kanban Board

The Portfolio Kanban board is flexible and allows you to customize it to meet the needs of your organization. To learn more, see Customizing the Portfolio Kanban Board. Note that make these changes, your lifecycle project role must be set to "Project Administrator" or higher.