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Applying Filters to a Portfolio Kanban Board

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



You can apply filters to show a different set of portfolio items other than the default portfolio item tracking display.

Applying Filters

  1. Go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban.

  2. Click in the filter field, and then select your options.

  3. Click Apply. The Portfolio Kanban page redisplays according to your filter sort.

To filter the Portfolio Kanban based on the Target Team attribute, use the "Workitem Team" filter.   The "Portfolio Item Team" filter is used to filter Portfolio Items based on the "Teams" column, which indicates Teams that own workitems under the Portfolio Item.

Clearing Filters

To clear a single filter:

  • Click on the - symbol next the the name of the filter.

To remove all filters that have been applied and restore the default settings:

  • Click Clear All Filters in the top right corner of the page