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Customizing Portfolio Item Cards on the Portfolio Kanban Board

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



You can customize your portfolio item cards to display different types of information. Three customizable fields enable you to display variable information: two at the bottom left and right, and a small tab hanging below the card on the left. These customizable fields are shown in the example below (for illustrative purposes, we have used Change Date, Changed By, and Swag). The drop-down lists give you many possible combinations of information to display. All portfolio item cards display the same format across the Portfolio Kanban based on the values you select.

How To

  1. Go to Portfolio Planning > Portfolio Kanban.

  2. Click the wrench icon to the right to open the action menu and select Customize. The Customize Portfolio Kanban window opens.

  3. Click the Card Options tab, then make your portfolio item card display selections in each of the three drop-down lists.

  4. Click Save. The Portfolio Kanban displays your new portfolio item card layout.