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Using the Project Timeline

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


The Project Timeline allows you to see planned and historical projects over a specified range of time. This timeline provides graphical views of projects as they pertain to the scheduling and delivery of work initiatives, features, and sub-features for specific projects.

The timeline presents a unique roll-up graph that shows the organizations past delivery and future plans from a project perspective, allowing you to ensure plans going forward are relatively smooth and that future plans are reasonable in light of past delivery. The Project Timeline provides a useful planning supplement to the Portfolio Tree, Portfolio Kanban, and Roadmap Timeline views.

You can use the timeline to:

  • Plan and communicate current and future project delivery

  • View historical delivery of projects

  • Drill down to see the next level of detail, priorities, and progress from a single view

  • Understand the organizational velocity achieved in delivering past projects

  • Use the organizational velocity as a guide in planning future high-level work

  • Identify peaks or valleys in expected organizational workload given the current plans


The Project Timeline is not a replacement for the Project/Program Summary.  That report is still available. 

Accessing the Project Timeline

To access the Project Timeline from the main menu, select Portfolio Planning > Project Timeline.