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Understanding the Project Timeline

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



Use the Project Timeline to track portfolio items for a project driven by planned portfolio item start and end dates. If those dates do not exist for a project item, the system defaults to the start and end dates on the portfolio item's project or release.

  • The graphical representation displays a prorated "velocity" of the portfolio items by month.

  • The vertical red line indicates the current date.

  • You can pan horizontally to go back in time to look at portfolio item history or into the future to see planned project details

  • If you want to see the details support the dates shown, click on an item to drill down into the details.

  • The items display in order of priority (established in the Portfolio Tree) so you can see what's most important.

  • Panning and Zooming In and Out

    By default, the Project Timeline opens centered on the current date, which is represented by a vertical red line. If you want to see a more a more detailed project view. you can use the set of navigation controls to the right of the grid.

  • From the main menu, select Product Planning, and then click Project Timeline.

  • Select a project from the Project Navigator.

    • To see a wider or more granular view, click to zoom out or click  to zoom in.

    • To analyze historical project data, click   to scroll back in time or click   to scroll forward to analyze planned projects.

  • Viewing Period Estimates and Swags

    The graph at the bottom of the Project Timeline shows the allocated weekly total of Estimate (rolled up from contained backlog), Swag (from included estimates), or both at the same time.

  • Click Portfolio > Tracking > Project Timeline.

  • Graph values are driven only by the projects displayed on the timeline. Portfolio Items that are filtered out, not displayed because of missing end dates, or backlog not belonging to a project are not counted in these totals.

  • Select a project from the Project Navigator.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. A color-coded graph shows the relationship between Estimate and Swag.

    • Click Show All (default) to see both Estimate and Swag timelines.

    • Click Estimate to see only total weekly project work estimates for the selected time range, or Swag to see only the high-level Swag timeline.

    • Click Hide to remove all timelines.

    • Hover over these timelines to see the rollups of Estimates and Swag for any given week to determine your progress and scheduled workloads.