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Where are the Epic Tree, Epic Timeline, PlanningRoom, and Epicboard menus?

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



I can't find the Epic Tree, Epic Timeline, PlanningRoom, and Epicboard menus. What happened to them?


In the Spring 2015 Release (15.1), the Portfolio Planning menu was added to the Agile Process menu (or the main menu) to consolidate functionality used for portfolio- and program-level planning. This allows you to more easily focus on higher level planning separate from your managing product-level backlog. The new menu options are as follows:

In addition, the term Epic was changed to Portfolio Item. This change was made in an effort to help reduce confusion around the term Epic and its use in Agility versus its use in the evolving marketplace and frameworks, such as SAFe.

The terminology changes will be rolled out in your system upon upgrade except for those systems that already contain customized the Epic terminology. If you would prefer to switch from Portfolio Item back to Epic terminology in your system, contact support for additional assistance.