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Blocking Issues

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


Creating a New Blocking Issue on a Story

If a team member cannot move forward on a story or defect to resolve an issue, you can create a blocking issue. Blocking issues define the details and impact of a blockage and provide a resolution path, if known. Blocking issues are visible across all grids, board views, and page views, so all team members can keep up to date on the status of the blockage as it progresses to a resolution.

  1. Go to Teams > Sprint Tracking > Taskboard.

  2. Click on the the drop-down menu on the story you want to block, and then select Block > With New Issue.

  3. In the Add New Blocking window, enter the required information, and then click Save. A red banner will display across the affected story and a unique ID (beginning with "B") will be assigned. This story and all dependencies are affected and are visible in all areas of the application.

Assigning an Existing Issue as a Blocking Issue

From the Issues grid, you can assign an existing issue as a blocking issue, and assign it to multiple system assets (e.g., portfolio items, stories, defects, and test sets).

  1. From the main menu, select Product > Input > Issues.

  2. Click the title or ID of the issue you want to define as the blocking issue.

  3. On the Issues Detail page, click Show Relationships. A new page opens allowing you to choose the system asset on which to place the blocking issue.

  4. Click Assign to the right of the system asset type you want to block (choices are: Portfolio items/Stories/Defects/Test Sets Blocked by This Issue and Stories/Defects to Resolve This Issue). A pop-up grid containing all project assets of the selected type opens.

  5. Click Add for each asset you want to block with this issue. To remove the block from the asset, click Remove.

Assigning a Blocking Issue to a Portfolio Item

You can also assign blocking issues to portfolio items using the Portfoilo Tree.