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Using Requests to Capture User Feedback and Suggestions

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



A Request is a submission request to consider extending or enhancing the functionality of a system in a specific manner. Requests are assets that, when approved, can be used to generate new stories, defects, portfolio items, or issues. Requests can also be used to map directly to higher-level requirements in an external requirements document when those external requirements are associated with multiple backlog items on which the development team is working.

How can I use a Request?

On the Requests page, you can create and maintain a grid-formatted repository separate from your backlog where you can:

  • Log input for new features

  • Raise awareness about potential defects

  • Capture ideas for future enhancements

  • Track the progress of the related downstream items linked to the request

This grid provides a flexible, editable listing of all the available requests contained in the selected project and all of its subprojects. You can enter new requests and filter, sort, and update existing requests, then categorize and order them relative to one another.

Accessing Requests

To access Requests from the main menu, select Product Planning > Requests.


Use to the following reports to view request metrics.