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Adding a Task or Test to a Story/Backlog Item Using a Template

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



This article explains how to use a template to add tasks or tests to a story/backlog item.


  1. Go to Product > Backlog.

  2. For the story to which you want to add the task or test, select Plan Story from the Edit menu. The Story Planner page opens, showing the tasks and tests already assigned to the selected backlog item.

  3. Open the Add Task drop-down menu and select Copy Tasks and Tests to choose from existing tasks and tests (the Copy Tasks and Tests from Templates grid populates with available project templates from which to choose existing tasks or tests) OR select Add Task to create a new task for the selected backlog item.

  4. Expand a template, and then select the tasks/tests you want to assign to the selected backlog item, then select Copy to Story.

  5. The Story Planner window updates with the new tasks/tests you assigned to the selected backlog item.