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Exporting Story/Backlog Item or Defect Templates to Excel

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



If you want to use a your story/backlog item or defect templates in another project, you can export them to an Excel spreadsheet, and then import it into another project.

When you export templates, you export the details of an entire group of templates (story or defect), as well as their associated tasks to a spreadsheet report.


  1. Go to Product >Templates.

  2. Click the wrench icon  to the right of either the Story Templates or Defect Templates section to open the drop-down menu. Select Export (.xls). The Opening Templates pop-up opens, showing which group of templates (story or defect) you are exporting.

  3. Click Save. Your templates are saved in an Excel spreadsheet in your download area.

  4. From your download area, open the file and save it locally. Information for all tasks associated with story or defect templates is saved in the spreadsheet.

To learn how to import the spreadsheet into another project, see Importing Stories, Defects, and Other Data from Excel.