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Creating a Backlog Goal/Objective

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Instructions on how to create a new backlog goal/objective.

Select the highest-level project in the hierarchy at which the objective is to be measured to ensure the objective is applicable to all its lower-level projects.

Option 1: On the Backlog Goals/Objectives Page

  1. Go to Product > Backlog Goals (or Objectives).

  2. Click Add Backlog Goal (or Add Objective) to the far right of the grid.

  3. In the Backlog Goal/Objective window, enter details in the required fields.

    • Select the Target In Project check box to if you want to focus on this backlog goal/objective in the selected project and all its sub-projects.

  4. Click Save.

Option 2: On the Release Scheduling Page

You can also create backlog goals/objectives directly on the Release Scheduling Page. To learn more, see Adding a Backlog Goal/Objective on the Release Scheduling Page.

Backlog Goals can be created at the Team or the scope (release or PI) level. There are separate buttons for each.