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Adding Portfolio Item Dependencies

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Learn how to add dependencies between Portfolio Items

Option 1. From the Grid (Fastest)

  1. Select Portfolio > Portfolio Tree .
  2. Select the item(s) with a dependency using the checkbox.
  3. Select Dependencies > Assign Upstream Dependencies or Assign Downstream Dependencies.
  4. Select the appropriate item(s), and then click Add.

Option 2: Details Page

  1. Open a Portfolio Item.
  2. Click the Assign button to the right of the Upstream Dependencies or Downstream Dependencies grid.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Add next to each item you want to add as a dependency.
  4. Click Close Window to return to the details page.

Filtering on the Dependency Assign page

When you select Assign on the Upstream or Downstream Dependency grid you will get a listing of Portfolio Items that are pre-filtered to the selected project and the portfolio item Type of the selected portfolio item. These filters cannot be cleared, but they CAN be changed.



To change the filters, click in the Filter field and select Project or Type. Once you select a different project, the selected project that shows in the pre-selected filter will go away and be replaced by the new filtered project selection. Same with Type. Once you select another Type value, the pre-selected one goes away.

Now, after you have changed the filters, any additional filters you select will be add as an OR filter. This will also enable the Clear All Filters button, which will reset the filters BACK to the original pre-selected filters.

One more thing to note is that the filters will show everything that matches the filter in the selected project and its child projects.