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Dependency Board


The Dependency Board provides Teams visibility the into dependencies between planned Portfolio Items or between planned Backlog Items.   You can view these dependencies by Date or by Sprint/Iteration and can group them by various fields, including custom fields.
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The Dependency Board is available in the following locations

  • PlanningRooms
  • TeamRooms
  • Under the Product menu in the main application


Group By

Specify how Portfolio Items or Backlog Items are grouped.  Options vary based on the view selected.  Refer to the appropriate section below for more details

Column By

Specify whether each Column represents a Date range or Sprints/Iterations

Start Date

When Columned by Date, this parameter determines the starting Date for Columns.  The first Column will contain items planned prior to this date. 


When Columned by Date, this parameter determined how many days are represented in each column.

View Specify whether to view Portfolio Items or Backlog Items.

Portfolio Item Dependencies

When viewing Portfolio Items, the Dependency Board shows all Tracked Portfolio Items in the selected context and direct Dependencies between these Portfolio Items. 

Dependency lines are color coded using rules similar to the dependency status icon on the Portfolio Item Grid

Portfolio Items are always placed in columns based on their Planned End Date attribute value.  This is true even when the board is Columned By Sprint/Iteration.

Tracked Portfolio Items are the Portfolio Items in context that do not have a parent Portfolio Item in the same context.  These are the Portfolio Items visible in a Portfolio Tree when all nodes in the hierarchy collapsed and there are no filters on the grid.

The Group By options when viewing Portfolio Items are:

  • Parent Portfolio Item
  • Priority
  • Project/Planning Level
  • Source
  • Status
  • Target Team
  • Type
  • Any custom single-value drop down.

Backlog Item Dependencies

When viewing Backlog Items, the Dependency Board shows all Backlog Items in the selected context that have been planned into Sprints/Iterations and Dependencies between them.  It also shows Dependencies between Planned Backlog Items and unplanned work.  It does not show all Dependencies between all unplanned work. 

Dependency lines are color coded using the rules used to color code the Dependency Status icon on Backlog Grids.

Backlog Items are always placed in columns based on the Sprint/Iteration where they are planned.  When the board is Columned by Date, the End Date of the Sprint/Iteration is used to determine Backlog Column placement. 

The Group By options when viewing Backlog Items are:

  • Class of Service
  • Delivery Category
  • Portfolio Item
  • Priority
  • Source
  • Status
  • Team
  • Type (Story, Detect, TestSet)
  • Story Risk
  • Story Type/Category
  • Defect Resolution
  • Defect Type/Category
  • Any custom single-value drop down