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Managing Stories/Backlog Items

This feature is available in all editions.



Stories (also called Backlog Items) are the primary Agile planning and tracking assets that are related to virtually all other system assets. Stories represent discrete pieces of functionality that deliver business value. They can include requirements, additions or changes to existing functionality, or provide details about activities the project team must perform to deliver the product.

Stories are managed in the backlog and can be comprised of:

  • Acceptance Tests (or Tests) to define acceptance criteria for the functionality

  • Tasks to define discrete work units for the team to complete to deliver the story

All stories belong to a project and can be scheduled for work in a sprint/iteration. Stories are often derived from larger-grained features called portfolio items. In addition, stories can be grouped into flexible backlog groups, which can form a hierarchy above stories, and backlog goals/objectives, which allow for a many-to-many mapping to stories.