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How do I fix broken image links in rich text fields?

This feature is available in all editions.


What's happening

Broken image icons display in your rich text content (in description fields) instead of the image you inserted.


The Winter Release '14 (version 14.0) added the capability to insert images directly into rich text fields (such as descriptions).  When a user inserts an image, the image resource is stored in its own table and a link to the image resource is inserted into the rich text field. The link contains the fully-qualified URL to the image resource, including the protocol, host, and Agility application instance.

If your Agility instance is moved to a new host or if it is renamed, the links to image resources will be broken and a broken image icon will display instead of the inserted image. When this occurs, you can run the database script below to correct the image resource links. 

How to fix it

Follow these steps to correct the image resource links.

  1. Download the SQL script:

  2. Set the variables that represent your old and new host information. For both, include the fully-qualified URL including the protocol, host, and Agility application instance.

  3. Run the database script using the database administrator account.