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Release Planner

This feature is available in all editions.


As part of the Release Planning effort, the team estimates and prioritizes the backlog items, and then breaks them down into a series of smaller sprints/iterations of work.

In general, there are two types of release planning activities:

  • Tactical release planning is done at the backlog level by scheduling individual backlog items, defects, or test sets for inclusion in a release.

  • Strategic release planning is done at the feature level by scheduling entire portfolio items, (which automatically includes all lower level backlog items). To drive good strategic plans, teams can use factors such as business value, risk, team velocity, and cost (Swag at the portfolio item level or Estimate at the backlog item level) to help create an optimal release schedule.

Ideally, release schedules should be kept short in duration in order to facilitate as many functional releases as possible within a given period. The goal of the release plan is to communicate which features are intended to be delivered by the release deadline.

Release planning typically takes place prior to or at the beginning of a release. Throughout the release, the same group can gather to review progress and  course-correct based on product owner feedback, team velocity, and any new information discovered.

Accessing the Release Planner

To access the Agility release planning features, click Release followed by one of the following options under the Planning section:

  • Release Scheduling
  • Regression Planning, or
  • Team Scheduling



View project/release and sprint metrics to measure your progress towards release.

In Winter 2016 Point Release Release #3 - Build, the term "Build Runs" was changed to "Pipeline Runs". In earlier releases, "Build Runs" is still used.