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Release Capacity Planning

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


Release Capacity Planning can be used to enhance your release scheduling activities. For releases and teams, it gives you the ability to see bottlenecks early and only commit to work that can be successfully completed.

Release capacity can be defined and viewed at two separate levels. 

For releases (or projects), you can see:

  • the size of each release compared to other releases

  • how much progress has been made to date

  • when the available capacity has been exceeded

  • how much capacity remains

  • if extra capacity is available to schedule new work

  • the amount of time left in the release

For teams, you can see all of the above in the Team Details section plus:

  • any work outside the release that is eating into the team's time

Release and Team Capacity Planning applies to all the sprints in a release. It is not the same as Sprint planning, which is done on a sprint by sprint basis. For more information, see Sprint/Iteration Capacity Planning.

Accessing Release Capacity Planning

Once enabled, you can interpret the capacity details shown in the release progress bars and summary sections of the Release Scheduling page to optimize your release plans.