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Enabling Release Capacity Planning for a Release or Project

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Release capacity details don't automatically show up on the Release Scheduling Page. To see capacity values, you must first enable/configure them by entering Target Swag and/or Target Estimate (depending on what you use for release planning) for each release/project. Once enabled, you can see capacity details in the release progress bars and and in the summary sections.


  1. Open the an existing project or create a new project.

  2. Click the drop-down next to the project name followed by Edit.

  3. Enter dates in the Begin Date and End Date (optional) fields to display the time indicator on the release progress bars.

  4. If your release activities are driven by:

    • Estimates, enter the Target Estimate Pts. value only. The release progress bars will display the target estimate points only.

    • Swag estimates, enter the Target Swag only. The progress bar will display the target swag values only.

  5. Click Save.


  • If you enter values for both, Target Swag and Target Estimate Pts., the release progress bar will only show Target Swag.

  • ​​If your entire organization only uses one of the capacity fields (either Target Estimate Pts. or Target Swag, but not both),  you can turn off the unused field to reduce clutter. To remove the field, go to Administration > Display Fields. Note that this is a system-wide setting that will remove the field from all projects.