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Editing and Deleting a Regression Plan or Regression Suite

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The Regression Planning page gives you summary views of regression tests and suites, as well as the ability to drill down into detailed views where you can update these tests and suites or the associated assets (regression tests, test sets, links, and attachments).


  1. Select Release > Regression Planning.

  2. From the Plan Type list on the left, click the plan or suite you want to view or update.

  3. The Summary window opens for the selected plan or suite. This view includes rollup data for the tests currently under each regression plan and suite. Suites also show all associated regression tests and test sets generated from the suite.

  4. Click Edit to open the Regression Plan or Regression Suite page, or click on the plan or suite ID to open the Details page and click Show Relationships to view and edit any associated regression tests, test sets, links, or attachments.

  5. Click Save once you have made all necessary changes.

  6. To delete a plan or suite, click Delete on the far right.

    Delete option is displayed only if the regression plan or regression suite is empty. So, to delete a regression plan, you must first delete all test sets followed by regression suites and regression plans, strictly in that sequence.