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Assigning Workitems to a Team on the Team Scheduling Page

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Follow these steps to assign (or schedule) backlog items to a team on the Team Scheduling page.


Simply drag-and-drop any backlog item directly to a team.  

  1. Click Release > Release Scheduling.

  2. If not already selected, select a project from the project navigator.

  3. Locate the desired project/release, and click the Teams tab.

  4. Select an item in the backlog grid on the right, and then drag it to a team on the left.

    •  You can can assign items to both a project/release and a team at same time

    • You an drag a portfolio item onto a team to assign the target team or to assign the team to any child items that exist.

If a portfolio item contains any child workitems that are assigned to other projects/releases, the system lists them and asks if you want move (or unite) them to the same project as the parent portfolio item:

  • Click Yes, Unite These Workitems to assign the workitems to the same project.

  • Click No, Leave Them There to leave them in their current project(s). 

  • Click Show what has already been moved to view the work items that have already been moved to a project.