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Interpreting the Delivery at a Glance Board

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Learn how to interpret the elements displayed on the Delivery At A Glance (DAAG) board.

A valid Continuum instance is required in order to use Delivery at a Glance. To learn more, see VersionOne Continuum.


The board is comprised of the following elements:


A phase represents a particular location in your delivery pipeline. The heading displays the phase name ("Test" in this example) and the total number of unique work items contained in this phase. If the same workitem is contained in two separate packages in the same phase, this total will only count the work item once.


A package is the container of work items presented in each phase. It is comprised of worki tems and commits. Its heading contains its name, last updated date & time, as well as total number of work items.

Undeliverable Work Item

Undeliverable Workitem

The light shaded square represents an "undeliverable" work item. This means the work item's status belongs to a "not started" or "in progress" reporting category.

Undeliverable Work Item with Trailing Commits

Trailing Commits

The light shaded square split with a diagonal line represents an "undeliverable" work item which contains trailing commits. This means there are additional commits for this work item in a package located in an earlier phase that are not contained in the package you are currently viewing. Effectively all the work that has been committed against this item is not in the current package and thus is not deliverable.

Deliverable Work Item

Deliverable Workitem

The dark shaded square represents a "deliverable" work item. This means the work item's status belongs to a "completed" reporting category and all the commits for the work item are found in this phase/package. This means no newer commits are in any of the preceding phases and thus the work item can be delivered.

Rogue Commits

Rogue Commits

The orange box located at the top right of a package represents the number of rogue commits contained in the package. These are commits that were not associated with any particular work item and thus are rogue. This generally happens when a commit is not tagged with the work item ID the work was intended for (ie. S-12345) or because the story branch where the commit is located does not contain the correct work item ID.
  • In the Summer 2016 Point Release #1 - Build release, these features were added: support for Continuum Package updates, the ability to associate rogue commit with a work item, and bundles that contain only rogue commits display. Older versions of the application do not contain these features.
  • Summer 2016 Point Release #3 - Build, these features were added: unbundled work items, a legend was added to the top right corner, the ability to remove/disable continuum instance information, the ability to configure phases without first validating Continuum instance information, and "Bundles" were renamed to "Packages". Older versions of the application do not contain these features.
  • In the Summer 2016 Point Release #4 - Build release, custom label support for packages and rogue commits that exist on next phase do not show up on prior phase were added. Older versions of the application do not contain these features.
  • In the Summer 2016 Point Release #7 - Build release, the Board views are renamed to "packaged" and "un-packaged". Older versions of the application does not reflect this change.