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Managing Member Accounts

This feature is available in all editions.



Members are Agility "users" who access and perform work within the system. This article provides information for administrators who are responsible for setting up and managing member accounts.

About Members

Members represent all people involved with projects:

  • Team members who perform the work that is planned and tracked

  • Managers and executives who define projects and schedules

  • Select customers who require direct access and may provide input

  • System administrators who organize and define the overall system

  • Members can view project data to which they have been granted access, may create or update asset information, or may own specific assets (e.g., projects, tasks or tests) within the system.

Quick Setup for New Members

Follow these steps to quickly add a new member and grant them access to a project.

  1. Add the new member to the system 
  2. Assign them to a project
  3. Assign a project role