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Adding/Assigning a Member to a Project

This feature is available in all editions.



To access project data, members must be first be assigned to the project, and then they must be assigned a role on the project. This article provides instructions for administrators responsible for granting member access to projects and assigning project roles.

About Project Access

Granting a member access to a project is a two-step process. You must first (1) grant them access to the project (so the project displays in the Project Navigator and in the Project Tree, and then (2) assign them a role on the project (so they can perform tasks within the project).  

Step 1. Add/Assign the Member to a Project

Assigning a member to a project grants them access to the project and allows them to see all of their project data in the Project Navigator and in the Project Tree. 

  1. From the sidebar (left-pane menu options), click Admin Admin.png > Members > Project Assignment

  2. Expand the project tree at to top of the page, and then drag the member from the bottom grid to the project you want them to access. 

At this point, the member's Admin Privileges role is automatically assigned as the member's project role (drag-and-drop method only), but they do not have explicit access to perform any actions in the project. To grant them access to the project, you need to also assign a Project Role (Step 2 below).

Step 2. Assign a Project Role to the Member

If the member cannot see their projects in the Project Navigator, it is likely because a project pole has not been assigned.

The second step in granting member access to a project is assigning them a project role. This role determines what they can do within the project, such as create, view, and modify project assets. For step-by-step instructions and to learn more about each project role, see Assigning Project Roles.