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Adding Multiple Members/Users with Email Invitations


This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


***Users are called members.***  The easiest way for administrators to create multiple member accounts, assign them to a project, and then assign their Admin Privileges role is by sending an invitation. Follow the steps in this article to add members in bulk.


Your ability to create a new member account depends on your Admin Privileges and/or Project Role, see Roles and Project Membership to learn more.

  1. From the Admin menu, select Members, and then click on the Members tab.

  2. Click on the Invite Members button.

  3. Enter the member's email address, select a project, and then select an Admin Privileges role.

  4. Click Invite Members. They system automatically sends each member an email message with instructions for setting up their account.

Make sure there are no REQUIRED fields in your user records or this will not work. Go to the Display Fields section under Admin, select the Global Assets, and look under Member. Make sure no fields are required.