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Deleting a Member's Account

This feature is available in all editions.



In Agility, users are called members.

Deleting a member removes them from the system entirely, including historical reporting. This is generally not advisable except for erroneously created member accounts (such as duplicates). Instead, we recommend that you inactivate the member's account or change their project role(s).


Do not delete members who have actually worked on projects because it negatively impacts historical reporting data. Instead, inactivate their account. Deleting should be reserved for accounts that should not have been in the system in the first place (for example, duplicate record).

  1. From the sidebar (left-pane menu options), click Admin Admin.png > Members.

  2. For the member you want to delete, click Delete from the Edit drop-down.

  3. Click Delete again to confirm.

    The member's name is permanently removed from the system.