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Guest Collaborators

This feature is available in all editions.



Guest Collaborators are people who have been invited to participate in Conversations within Lifecycle but have no other access. They are not Lifecycle members and do not consume a Lifecycle license.  When they access Lifecycle, they have a scaled down view of the Conversations page that allows them to collaborate with members in conversation streams. Note that guest collaborators cannot access projects, workitems, or any other secured assets.

  • To enable this features, your SMTP settings must be configured.

  • To perform these tasks, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "System Administrator" or "Member Administrator".

Enabling the Guest Collaborators Feature

Follow these steps to enable the Guest Collaborators feature in your instance.

  1. From the Admin menu, select Configuration > System.

  2. Select Guest Collaborators in the Enable Features section.

  3. Click Save.

Inviting a Guest Collaborator

In Conversations or Spaces, type an email address in the Mention field, and then select Invite Guest Collaborator. The recipient will receive an email message with a link to register in your Lifecycle instance.  After registering, they can participate in the conversation stream. 

Viewing Guest Collaborators

To view the list of guest collaborators, go to the Administration menu, and then select Members > Guest Collaborators.

Editing Guest Collaborator Details

  1. Select Admin > Member Admin > Guest Collaborators.

  2. Click on the Edit button next to a name.

  3. Modify the information as appropriate, and then click Save.

Inactivating/Activating a Guest Collaborator

Inactivating a guest collaborator does not delete their account from the application. It just prevents them from accessing Lifecycle. You can reactivate their account at any time.

  1. Select Admin > Member Admin > Guest Collaborators.

  2. From the Edit menu next to a name, select Inactivate or Activate.

Deleting a Guest Collaborator

Deleting a guest collaborator removes them from Lifecycle all together. If they want participate in conversations in the future, an active member will have to send a new invitation and they will have to complete the registration process again.

  1. Select Admin > Member Admin > Guest Collaborators.

  2. Next to a name, select Delete from the Edit action menu.

Converting a Guest Collaborator to Licensed Member

If you would like to convert a guest collaborators to a fully licensed member, follow these steps.

  1. Select Admin > Member Admin > Guest Collaborators.

  2. For each member, select Promote to Member from the Edit action menu.

  3. Next, change their Admin Privileges and project roles accordingly so they can access projects. As guest collaborators, their Admin Privileges role was set to 'No Access'.