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What to do when a team member leaves?

This feature is available in all editions.


When a team member leaves your organization or changes projects, here are some best practices for closing their account.


We do NOT recommend deleting a member's account. Deleting a member removes them from the system entirely, including all the data from tasks they worked on in previous sprints/projects used for historical reporting purposes. This is generally not advisable except for erroneously created member accounts (such as duplicates).

Here are a few ways to handle these types of situations.

When a member...

Do this...


Leaves the company

Inactivate their account

  • Prevent member from logging in.

  • Preserves historical data for reporting purposes.

  • Removes the member from your licensed member count.

Moves to another project

Change their project role.

  • Removes access to current project.

  • Grants access to the new project.

Begins working on additional projects

Assign them to the new projects, and then assign new project roles (as required)

  • Grants access to additional projects.