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Merging Tags

As tags are used in VersionOne Lifecycle there may come a time that a tag has many forms. For example, automation, automate, autonation, auto and it could go on and on. A project admin, member admin or system admin can now take care of these types of issues.

One detail to keep in mind, a user may not have access to edit all the assets using the tags.  To help aide with this a column has been introduced to show how many assets the user can change versus how many assets in the system use the tag.  If this number is different perhaps a discussion needs to happen or someone with more privileges should be involved. 

Merging Tags

To merge tags, simply go to the Tag section in administration.


Check the boxes for the tags desired and click Merge Tags.


Either select and existing tag or provide a new tag name that will replace all the tags, then press Confirm.