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CommitStream Overview

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


Overview Agility's native version control integration provides teams a real-time view into the code commits that are taking place in the development cycle. Because CommitStreamTM is native to Agility, the need to setup and maintain individual version control integrations is eliminated. Additionally, since CommitStream is a hosted service, all users receive the latest updates automatically with no software to install.

At this time, the ability to access our CommitStream servers is required. This does not support isolated networks.

CommitStream allows you to view commit data for a particular work item/defect in a new dedicated panel. You must mention the work item ID (For example: S-12345) in your commit comment in order for the service to associate the data properly as well as setup a simple webhook in your code repository.

Accessing CommitStream

  1. To access CommitStream, click the Admin icon admin_icon.png, scroll down to the DevOps section, and click CommitStream.