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Enabling CommitStream

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



This article provides instructions on how to enable CommitStream in your instance of VersionOne Lifecycle.

To view the CommitSteam administration page, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "System Administrator".


  1. Go to Admin > DevOps CommitStream.

  2. Click the button on the top left part of the page to enable CommitStream.

  3. Select the desired VCS tool.

  4. Enter the URL for the repository you want to monitor, and then click the ADD button. Once the repository has been added, the webhook URL for that repository displays

  5. Copy this URL and insert it into the "Webhooks" section of your version control system. Refer to How do I add webooks in common version control systems? for more information.

In order for CommitStream to work properly, you must ensure the webhook is added to the relevant repository in your version control system and you must also include the work item ID (ex: S-12345) in your commit comment.


Additionally, for VSTS, test the connection by committing a test code directly and putting in the story id instead of clicking the Test button. If there are any failure messages then please send the details of the message to