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How do I add WebHooks in common version control systems?


CommitStream supports a number of popular version control systems. It only supports the push event from these systems, however, and most of these systems allow you to limit the events that get sent to CommitStream. Below you will find screenshots that show what the WebHook configuration options should look like for most of these supported systems. You can also follow the links link to their own documentation which explain how to specifically add and configure WebHooks.


WebHooks are user defined HTTP callbacks that allow your version control system to send notifications to external systems (like CommitStream) when certain events occur (such as a code commit). Select your version control system below to see what the WebHook configuration settings should look for it to work properly with CommitStream. You can follow the link to the system's internal documentation to see specifics for how to add and configure a WebHook.
► Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud
For Bitbucket, please select only the Repository push option or only the Push option from the full list of Triggers:

More information: Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud
► Perforce GitSwarm
More information: Perforce GitSwarm
► GitHub/GitHub Enterprise
For GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, please select only the Just the push event option:

More information: GitHub/GitHub Enterprise
► GitLab
For GitLab, please select only the Push events Trigger:

More information: GitLab
► Visual Studio Team Services (git-based repositories)
For Visual Studio Team Services git-based repositories, please select only the Code Pushed Trigger:
► Visual Studio Team Services (TFVC repositories)
For Visual Studio Team Services TFVC repositories, please ensure Resource Details to Send is set to all. Trigger:

More information: Visual Studio Team Services

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